CORESENSE at RoboCup@Home


RoboCup stands as the world’s most significant and enduring robot competition. Hosted by Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands from July 17th to 21st, it provides a challenging and dynamic environment where mobile robotics research can be compared and evaluated under well-defined rules and metrics.

Initially centered around robot soccer, RoboCup has expanded to include various leagues, each addressing distinct challenges in autonomous technology. At CORESENSE, we are participating once again in the RoboCup@Home league, which simulates a domestic environment. In this league, robots demonstrate their social abilities by assisting people at home—tasks include searching for objects, preparing breakfast, fetching groceries from the car, and welcoming guests. The @Home league serves as a valuable testbed recognized by the scientific community, showcasing the alignment between robots and humans that we are developing at CORESENSE.

Although our participation this year will be with a non-CORESENSE cognitive architecture, it will allow us to collect relevant data, which will be compared in two years when we participate again with a fully-CORESENSE architecture.

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