CORESENSE: Joint Mini Workshop on Robot Consciousness

Futuristic Robot Arm Touches Human Hand in Humanity and Artificial Intelligence Unifying Gesture. Conscious Technology Meets Humanity. Concept Inspired by Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam

On the 19th of April 2023 CORESENSE will join forces with one of our sister projects- METATOOL in a Joint Mini Workshop on Robot Consciousness.

The CORESENSE project investigates the generation of meaning from external and internal perception of autonomous robots. The METATOOL project investigates the potential of metacognition in the bodily extension of robots by using tools and the grounding of tool creation in the awareness of body-task relations.

The workshop will have two keynotes on robots and metacognition and an open discussion on the possibilities of robot consciousness.

The programme:

14.00 Keynote: Ricardo Sanz / On Conscious Robots

14.50 Keynote: Steve Flemming / What we know about human metacognition

15:40 Open Discussion: Metacognition and consciousness

Stay tuned for updates!

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