CORESENSE Shines at RoboCup@Home: A Leap Forward in Social Robot Technology

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In a groundbreaking display of innovation, CORESENSE project recently participated in the RoboCup@Home competition, showcasing advancements in social robots and their ability to navigate real-world domestic environments. The project, which aligns with the goals of the RoboCup initiative, excelled in addressing the complex challenge of human alignment for social robots.

Understanding Human Perspective: The Core of CORESENSE

One important aspect of the CORESENSE project is represented by addressing the critical issue of human alignment in social robots. Human alignment entails the robot comprehending the world from a human perspective, enabling it to act in accordance with human expectations. In social contexts, where humans constantly make assumptions and inferences, this alignment is vital for efficient communication of desires and intents.

Inspired by the RoboCup@Home competition, CORESENSE leverages its system use case to evaluate service and assistive robot technology relevant for future personal domestic applications. RoboCup@Home stands as the largest international annual competition for autonomous service robots and plays a pivotal role in the RoboCup initiative.

The RoboCup@Home Challenge

The RoboCup@Home competition consists of a series of benchmark tests designed to assess the abilities and performance of autonomous service robots in a realistic, non-standardized home environment. The competition’s arena replicates a typical apartment setting, featuring interconnected rooms such as a bedroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen. The objective is to simulate a domestic environment where robots can showcase their capabilities effectively.

Performance evaluation is based on a scoring system derived from competition rules and assessment by a jury. Robots participating in the competition must solve specific tests, each contributing to their overall score.

CORESENSE at RoboCup@Home: Testing Social Robots in Real Homes

In the context of CORESENSE, the focus is on testing social robots in domestic environments, making RoboCup@Home an ideal platform for evaluating project advancements.

The task adds complexity by allowing users to provide incomplete instructions, relying on implicit information. For instance, a user might instruct, “Take my bag to the kitchen,” requiring the robot to infer which bag is referred to. Alternatively, users may say, “Take this to the living room,” while pointing at an object, necessitating the robot to understand the instruction, infer missing information, and act accordingly.

The Future of Social Robotics

CORESENSE’s participation in RoboCup@Home not only highlights the project’s commitment to advancing social robot technology but also demonstrates the potential for real-world applications. As social robots continue to evolve, bridging the gap between human and machine interactions, initiatives like RoboCup@Home provide invaluable platforms for researchers and developers to push the boundaries of innovation.

The results of CORESENSE’s performance at RoboCup@Home underscore the project’s success in addressing the challenges posed by human alignment in social robots. As the team continues to refine and enhance their technology, the future holds exciting possibilities for the integration of social robots into everyday domestic life.

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