Enhancing Cognitive Robotics: PAL Robotics in the CORESENSE Project

TIAGo Featured Image

The CORESENSE project is driven by the ambition to advance the cognitive abilities of robots, making them more perceptive and capable of understanding complex environments. This EU initiative focuses on integrating sophisticated cognitive functions into robotic systems, aiming to improve their autonomy and interaction with humans.

PAL Robotics participation is strategically focused on employing their expertise in robotics to contribute to the cognitive developments within CORESENSE. PAL Robotics utilizes their advanced technologies and knowledge in humanoid robotics to support the project’s goals, ensuring that the robotics solutions are not only innovative but also applicable in real-world scenarios.

Introducing TIAGo: A Perfect Fit for CORESENSE

Designed for social interaction, TIAGo, the mobile manipulator by PAL Robotics, integrates seamlessly into the project’s objectives, utilizing developed cognitive modules to interact intelligently with its environment. The robot’s ability to perform in social contexts makes the platform an ideal representative for demonstrating the project’s advancements in cognitive robotics.

TIAGo Image

Dissemination at Major Robotics Events

Dissemination of the CORESENSE project through public engagements is crucial. Here’s how PAL Robotics shared latest project developments:

  • ERF 2024: At the European Robotics Forum, during Gizem Bozdemir’s, Project Manager at PAL Robotics, workshop titled “Revolutionizing Healthcare: Unleashing Robotics & AI in the New Era,” the CORESENSE project was introduced to the european robotics community. This event was a significant platform for discussing the integration of robotics and AI in healthcare, highlighting CORESENSE’s contributions.
ERF 2024
  • HRI 2024: The Human-Robot Interaction conference provided another excellent venue for dissemination. Our colleagues from PAL Robotics, Raquel Ros and Ferran Gebellí Guinjoan presented the CORESENSE project, engaging with peers over the latest advancements in human-robot interaction.
HRI 2024

Through these events, PAL Robotics not only shares progress but also gains invaluable insights from the global community, driving forward the objectives of the CORESENSE project and the field of cognitive robotics.

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